Applications for Financing of Research Projects in the interest of the Oilseeds Industry

The Oil and Protein Seeds Development Trust (OPDT) was registered on 18 September 1997. The main objective of the Trust is to promote and enhance the oilseeds industry in South Africa with particular reference to canola, sunflower, soybeans and groundnuts. This means that both Trust capital and income will be used solely for funding of projects that are reconcilable with the aims of the Trust and in the interest of the oilseeds industry.

The Oilseeds Advisory Committee (OAC) consists of representatives of the main roleplayers in the industry and advises the Trust on projects that should be financed in the interest of the industry.

The Oilseeds Advisory Committee (OAC) hereby cordially invites you to submit applications for funding of research projects that are in the interest of the oilseeds industry. Of particular importance are the principle viewpoints formulated by the Oilseeds Advisory Committee (OAC) which will serve as framework when the Committee evaluates the project applications (see attached Addendum I for full particulars). You are kindly requested to take note of these viewpoints as applications falling outside this framework will not be considered by the Oilseeds Advisory Committee (OAC).

Deadline for Applications

Please note the following deadlines for project funding applications. Applications received after deadlines, will not be considered by the Oilseeds Advisory Committee (OAC).

  1. 3 June 2024

    Deadline for receiving applications – only Management summary.
  2. 31 July 2024

    Feedback by Oilseeds Advisory Committee (OAC) to applicants.
    • Unsuccessful applicants will also be informed of the decision of the Oilseeds Advisory Committee (OAC).
    • Successful applicants will be requested to submit a full presentation and budget to the Oilseeds Advisory Committee (OAC).

    After receiving the detailed applications, these will, where applicable, be referred for peer evaluation. In all cases, the Committee will honour the confidentiality of the peer evaluators.

  3. August

    Where applicable, peer evaluators' commentary will be referred to applicants for possible amendments to project proposals.
  4. 4 December 2024

    The Oilseeds Advisory Committee (OAC) provides applicants with feedback regarding finances approved by the Development Trust for the 2025/2026 financial year, not later than 4 December 2024.

Format of Presentation: Management Summary

Management summary

Your initial application (due date 3 June 2024) may be submitted in the form of a management summary. The following guidelines apply for compiling such a management summary:

  1. Aim and methodology

    Introduction with a brief description of the aim of research or service project, followed by an exposition of methods to be used.
  2. Results envisaged

    Refer to the results envisaged. Any additional information for the Oilseeds Advisory Committee (OAC)'s attention can be mentioned here.
  3. Value for the industry

    Outline the value that such a project will have for the oilseeds industry. Make recommendations as to how research results can be used and how they can be applied in the industry. A financial evaluation of the proposed research will be useful. A proposed programme regarding the publication of results and implementation thereof can also be mentioned here.
  4. Limitations

    Where applicable, mention the limitations which may be experienced that could have an effect on the project.
  5. Publication

    Indicate how the result of the project will be made known, e.g. articles, congresses, farmers days, etc.
  6. Budget

    Please attach a projected budget for each year of the expected duration of the project.
  7. Duration

    Please indicate the expected duration of the project. It is not the policy to fund projects for longer than 3-4 years. Should a longer period be required, further applications can be submitted after the termination of the first phase.


The management summary must not exceed four A4 pages per application.

Detailed motivated presentation

If the management summary submitted to the Oilseeds Advisory Committee (OAC) is considered favourably, it will be referred back to the researcher with a request for a detailed, motivated presentation. See above-mentioned deadlines in this regard. See also Addendum II for information to be included in the detailed presentation.

Relevant Budget Period

The relevant period of the budget is March 2025 to February 2026 or the first 12 months of the project. Please supply dates if not a calendar year.


If you have any inquiries you are welcome to contact the Chief Executive Officer.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Gerhard Keun

Chief Executive Officer
 +27 11 234 3400
 +27 11 234 3401