GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) Audit Guidelines for Groundnuts

Compiled and distributed by The South African Groundnut Forum, Oil & Protein Development Trust and Oilseeds Advisory Committee.

What is the purpose of this guide?

This is not a production manual, but rather a reference tool, supporting farmers with the process of establishing and maintaining GAP records and physical evidence required for official audits as prescribed in the Standards Regarding Food Hygiene and Food Safety of Regulated Agricultural Food Products of Plant Origin intended for Export (Government Notice No 707 of 13 May 2005).

Whilst considering the objectives outlined in Codex Alimentarius standards, the main purpose is to address the guidelines in the official GAP Audit Compliance Criteria Checklist.

Keep in mind that this manual is meant as a guide only and that there might be areas that does not apply to your operation or which could be replaced by existing procedures or records in place in your operation. You might otherwise find that you need to adjust or even expand on this guideline to ensure that your farm meets the audit or specific market requirements.

Although the utmost care has been taken in the compilation of this guide, the responsibility for compliance remains solely with the primary producer and no accountability should be assigned to any government body, agent or industry related organisation.

It is strongly recommended that the Audit Checklist as well as the Compliance Criteria documents referred to and included herein are studied carefully, not only to ensure compliance and for in-house auditing, but to make use of the valuable information and guidance supplied therein.

  • Good Agricultural Practice information specific to groundnut farming and food safety.
  • A set of templates and standards designed specifically to meet the record requirements set by the Audit Compliance Criteria and Checklist. These are only examples and should be adjusted by the producer where deemed necessary. Not all of the templates or examples is necessarily critical to pass the GAP audit, although some might support documentary, training or risk assessment evidence requirements.
  • Compliance Criteria, Notes and Management Aids: Primary Production and On-farm produce Handling (Groundnuts): R707 of 13 May 2013
  • Audit Checklist: Primary Production and On-farm produce Handling (Groundnuts): R707 of 13 May 2013
  • Recommended Standards and Codes of Practice – Codex Alimentarius:
    • Recommended International Code of Practice – General Principles of Food Hygiene (CAC/RCP 1 – 1969, Rev 4-2003)
    • Code of Practice for the prevention and reduction of aflatoxin contamination in peanuts. (CAC/RCP 55)
  • Agricultural Chemical list for use on Groundnuts in South Africa
  • Producer Stock Grading Guideline
  • Suggestions for Training and Risk Assessment

Download Documents

Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) Audit Guidelines for Groundnuts
Compiled and distributed by SAGF, OPDT and OAC. PDF document.

Goeie Landbou-Praktyk Ouditriglyne vir Grondbone
Saamgestel en versprei deur SAGF, OPOT en OAK. PDF-dokument.

GAP Guideline Record Templates
Excel document (.xlsx).

Groundnut Production – a Concise Guide
Compiled by Cilliers AJ, ARC Grain Crops Institute, Potchefstroom. PDF document.

Terms of Reference – The South African Groundnut Forum (SAGF)
Version 1. PDF document.